Brand New and Exciting: The Fabulous Hyatt Regency Bali

Hyatt Regency Bali is indeed a brand new name in Bali’s scene of world-class resorts and lifestyle destinations. However, those who have been familiar with the island for more than just a few years now might be aware that this marvelous newcomer was once known as one of the largest and most prominent landmarks in Sanur, under the name Bali Hyatt. While its old self was already famous for its particular charm, style and beauty, Hyatt Regency Bali clearly presents a whole new level of freshness and elegance in its newly refurbished luxurious establishment.

DUO has been providing designs for the prestigious brand of the Hyatt company in Indonesia for many years now, and our present cooperation with this most recent addition, Hyatt Regency Bali, dates back to the era of Bali Hyatt, years before it closed down for its extensive renovation.

Now, after it was closed down for five years due to its spectacular facelift, this iconic beachfront sanctuary built across more than 22 acres of land is finally back on the map. Hyatt Regency Bali has been welcoming guests to indulge themselves in the resort’s brand new five-star facilities which are wonderfully combined with the dazzling charm and qualities which the previous version of this resort was celebrated for back in the day. In other words, Hyatt Regency Bali is an intersection where all the brand new exciting fabulous elements meet the good old-fashioned ones, such as first-rate service, which well-established resorts have had just right since the old days.

Hyatt Regency Bali invites guests to experience a luxurious stay amidst the tranquility of the breathtaking white sand beach of Sanur and the resort’s awe-inspiring green foliage designed by the esteemed tropical landscape artist, Made Wijaya. With its new name, the resort introduces its contemporary design and style while at the same time preserving the traditional Balinese and Indonesian touch in its overall architecture, as well as in the lush green gardens which feature over 500 species of plants.

As Hyatt Regency Bali continued to maintain its traditional touch of local wisdom in its meticulous modern design and architecture, DUO was once again kept on the list as one of the furniture design companies involved in furnishing this brand new resort.

The rooms and most spaces throughout the resort display calm soothing shades of natural colors. The resort’s architecture and design feature natural materials such as wood, alang-alang thatching and the like, which complement and enhance its astonishing tropical setting. Therefore, the style of DUO’s designs are by default highly suitable to match the concept of this fabulous resort.

As the resort was preparing its grand opening, we were delighted as we performed our part in providing our designs, including our best-selling Simplex sunbeds which can be easily spotted around the resort’s magnificent pool. The fashionable contemporary design of our sunbeds complements the space flawlessly and the satisfying comfort of our cushions are just the right fit to fulfill the whole purpose for guests to recharge and refresh in this wondrous poolside setting.

Aside from our sunbeds, other DUO designs that you may spot around the outdoor area of Hyatt Regency Bali include our round wooden umbrellas as well as our highly favored coffee tables with woven tops. Our collections of all-weather furniture are all meticulously designed to perform with excellent weatherability, which means that they are created to be resistant to excessive sunlight, wind or rain, for a let’s say a lifetime! This is definitely one of the main reasons why resorts like Hyatt Regency Bali has carefully chosen to use our high-quality designs for their excellent venues. The other main reason would be our first-rate wholehearted service which has always been a significant part of DUO’s identity.

It was a great pleasure to collaborate with one of Indonesia’s Hyatt hotels again, and an even greater delight to once again work with the resort that used to be one of our first clients in our early years of business. And of course, it is always an honor to contribute a touch of DUO astounding resorts which decidedly make countless exotic dream holidays come true.

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