The Reason We Love Mr. and Mrs. Smith

One of our greatest pleasures in doing business is knowing that our clients are genuinely happy with the designs they have purchased from us. When they are pleased with our designs, their long-lasting quality, our customer service and pretty much every other element that comes with our furniture, we tend to hear about it through comments, raving reviews, recommendations, as well as repeat orders from those clients themselves.

While we are well aware that we do work extremely hard in order to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations through the designs and service that we present, it doesn’t mean that we would ever take our customers’ satisfaction and appreciation for granted. And no, of course we never get tired of hearing these wonderful reviews, comments and the like. If anything, it encourages us to keep on working towards pushing our limits and boundaries in order to present our valued customers with more series of delightful DUO surprises.

Among our list of loyal customers, there is this lovely couple, Nigel and Mary Smith, who have been such enthusiastic customers for many years now. While Nigel is from the UK and Mary is from the USA, both have been living in South Africa for quite a few years now. This well-traveled couple are home owners in different countries spread across at least three continents, and the purchases they made were not only limited to those designs they bought to spruce up their homes.

Over the years, Nigel and Mary have bought plenty of our designs which were shipped to the USA, UK, Hong Kong as well as their base in South Africa. Some of the designs were also purchased to furnish venues such as restaurants. Satisfied with the designs they have used in the comfort and style of their private residence as well as venues, DUO kept on receiving orders from this pair, which apparently included purchases which they made for their family and loved ones spread all over the globe.

In a way, it almost seemed as if Nigel and Mary had set up DUO ‘showrooms’ on their properties in the various countries, and had therefore vouched for our designs’ quality and value for money to their loved ones who encountered our designs during their visits in the fabulous ambience of the couple’s place. By now they have decidedly played a role as an unofficial DUO influencer within their network; something that we truly appreciate.

Based on their purchase history over the years, we can share that the Smith’s list of favorite DUO designs include the swanky Seychelles daybed, the chic and stackable Simplex sunbed, the simple yet elegant square puff, the hotel favorite of New Caribbean arm chair and Caribbean stools, as well as our most-loved Bali Coffee Table with a wooden top. All those designs were ordered along with complementing cozy cushions in white Cartenza fabric.

On one occasion, the couple expressed that they found DUO’s designs to be as remarkable as those collections by world-renowned brands such as one of Europe’s most prominent furniture design companies based in Germany. They excitedly shared their honest opinion that DUO’s designs offer the same level of quality and sophistication as those upmarket brands that are celebrated worldwide. However, they did put emphasize on the part where DUO’s designs are offered at affordable rates which are simply impossible to find within those international designer collections they were comparing us with.

Answering their comment, we could only humbly admit that the whole situation which they pointed out was exactly one of the core ideas within our philosophy. It has always been our goal to present a world-class stylish collections of high-quality designs at affordable rates. But of course, it was a pleasure as always, to hear such kind of positive feedback, especially from customers who have more than enough data and experience with high-quality furniture designs in general, as well as a long-standing history with DUO’s designs themselves.

Once again, it is always great to hear some “behind the scene” stories from our customers’ point of view. While we have heard plenty of feedback, comments and stories, we are quite sure that there some “DUO stories” that we are simply unaware of. So, if you happen to be a DUO customer, and probably one with a DUO-related story, please feel free to get in touch and enlighten us with your personal story. We would love that!

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