Dr. Jerry Schwartz

One of our favorite things about our days at DUO is that we never know who would walk through our showroom door, or what and where the next inquiry email in our inbox would lead us to. While we do realize that this is probably the case for literally most lines of business, nonetheless we have decided to stay excited as it seems to be the outlook that suits us best. Besides, maybe our stories throughout our journey have thought us that there is always something or someone inspiring, uplifting and energizing throughout our days doing what we do, passionately.

Over the years, DUO has worked closely with a rather long list of hoteliers from around the world. Approximately ten years ago we started working with Dr. Jerry Schwartz, a cosmetic surgeon and hotelier based in Sydney. For those who are familiar with the hospitality industry in Australia, this name and friendly face might immediately ring a bell as Dr. Schwartz happens to own at least a dozen of award-winning leading chain hotels across Australia, including Mercure Hotel Sydney, Mercure Canberra, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Sofitel Darling Harbour, Novotel Newcastle Beach, Hotel Ibis World Square Sydney, Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains, to name a few.

Considering the number of leading hotels which he owns, it isn’t hard to imagine that over the decade, DUO has been receiving continuous orders from Dr. Schwartz on a rather regular basis, consisting of a variety of our best-selling designs, purchased for his various establishments. The regular orders were of course not because he needed regular replacements for the designs which he had already purchased from us, but simply because he always had an ongoing project in which he opted to include DUO’s designs.

During one of our conversations with Dr. Schwartz, he actually shared how happy he was with the durability of our chic designs. He elaborated that he was pretty impressed with how long-lasting our designs indeed are, even when used in heavy duty settings, as most of them are used daily in highly busy restaurants, bars and hotels, where the furniture is nearly always occupied.

Delighted with his genuine positive feedback, we reminded Dr. Schwartz that we are indeed extremely serious about our philosophy which believes that high-quality designs are supposed to last for a lifetime. And in this case, let’s just agree that when a design is destined to serve its function in an ‘intense’ setting, then they might last for a little less than a lifetime. Nevertheless, when used in such settings, our designs will still last for at least a couple of decades before probably requiring a little touch up or facelift.

As a successful hotel owner, Dr. Schwartz is known for his hands-on management, making him highly involved in things such as purchasing items for his hotel, including furniture. Therefore, he had plentiful stories and quite some feedback for us related to his first-hand experience, especially revolving around his search for the perfect outdoor-indoor furniture for his establishments. In the past, Dr. Schwartz used to purchase his all-weather furniture from several companies spread around different cities in Southeast Asia. As time went by, he had the chance to observe the diverse collections from various design companies he had purchased from, and he shared his conclusion that DUO’s designs seemed to be the best, especially in terms of quality and durability.

His hands-on purchasing experience also brought him to explore furniture design companies in China where he was happy with the affordable rates which were lower than what we offer at DUO. However, this little experiment came back with the result that despite the lower rates, by the end of the day the value of DUO’s designs were still the best option for his hotels and resorts.

That being said, we are excited to hear more news about Schwartz Family Co’s next hotel investments. And in the meantime, as this past decade has proven, we simply know that we will always hear from Dr. Schwartz as he continues his journey in managing and building his empire in the hospitality industry.

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