DUO’s sofa collection features fabulous designs that are simply perfect for any kind of indoor and outdoor space, from upmarket venues in any type of setting to the comfort and style of your backyard, veranda, living room or anywhere else around your house. Over the years, our sofa collection has continued to be highly popular among various four-star and five-star resorts worldwide, both to furnish as well as to complement the ambience of its lobby, dining area as well as luxury villas and suites. Our elegant Boston and Capetown sofas have been amongst their favorite picks.

Our sofa designs are made from different styles of wicker ranging from the nature inspired shades of brown to the contemporary color collection which does have that certain effect of highlighting the modish elements of our designs even further.

The plush sofa cushions and gorgeous throw pillows are also made out of first-rate all-weather materials which provide a deluxe level of comfort. In accordance with our concept and philosophy, our sofas are all designed and created to be long-lasting and resistant to all weather conditions, with minimum maintenance.

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