Our collection of lounges features exquisite designs which would look great pretty much at any place, from tropical resorts to modern apartments in a metropolitan area. Though these lounges and lazy chairs are highly popular around restaurants, beach clubs, villas as well as resorts, they also known to be favored by those who wish to bring a certain level of comfort and sophistication into their home.

Our lounges vary from the simple chic cozy chairs to the most impeccable stunning designs that would easily become the highlight of your space. Over the years, our Caribbean Arm Chair and New Laguna Lazy Chair have continued to be on the list of best-selling designs among various hotels and resorts, as well as cozy residences worldwide.

DUO’s lounges are made out of various gorgeous patterns and colors of all-weather wicker and the fabrics we use are of premium quality which guarantees comfort, class as well as durability. Our collection of lounges are designed by our in-house designers as well as a number of talented young designers from Bali and beyond, with whom we had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with.

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