Based on an island which happens to be home of an abundance of resorts, beach clubs, pool bars and various other venues where one can refresh and rejuvenate tropical-style, it only makes perfect sense that our daybeds happen to be on our list of best-selling items. On top of that, our daybeds are also highly favored by reputable luxury resorts worldwide, which includes some of the most breathtaking gems we’ve ever seen. The beachfront venues’ best-loved choices include our snazzy Seychelles and Bahamas daybeds.

Our contemporary daybeds are available in several elegant designs; in various colors and shapes. Our designers work hard to present a collection of daybeds which all feature different styles and characteristics while carrying the DUO identity which displays that hint of Asian in each of its designs. However, aside from focusing on the aesthetics, our daybeds also offer the amazing comfort which is extremely essential to the nature of daybeds.

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