Our Philosophy


It is DUO’s philosophy to present exquisite style and excellent comfort in a selection of high-quality yet affordable products. We take pride in presenting our collection of outdoor-indoor furniture which meets the international standards of quality, while at the same time inspired by the local wisdom of the old days, when goods were locally produced by craftsmen and artisans who were not only highly skilled but also fully committed to their role as well as their contribution to their community through their specific skills.
Like the blacksmiths, woodworkers and weavers from the past, DUO believes that its designs are meant to last for at least one lifetime. Creating by this principle, our furniture are all made out of ethically sourced sustainable materials that have been proven to be incredibly durable both functionally as well as aesthetically.
Having created all of our designs utilizing top modern technology combined with the philosophies of traditional craftsmanship, we present impeccable collections of furniture that are perfectly aligned with a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.


Our Team


DUO has a fantastic team which works hard to ensure that our company continuously meets our first-rate standards in all aspects that lead to our goal to provide our customers with high-quality products as well as great customer service.
As DUO’s Co-Owner, Jeroen has been leading the team through his hands-on management style since the company’s beginning. Passionately dedicated in building strong spirited teamwork within all departments of the business, Jeroen has brought our brand to become one of the eminent companies in the field of outdoor-indoor furniture design in Bali, Indonesia and beyond.
DUO works with a number of wonderfully talented young designers who contribute to our collection through their outstanding designs. And together with our highly experienced and dedicated production team, we create terrific collections of furniture based on DUO’s philosophical concept.

Our Designs


We pride ourselves for our zestful work that aims to present our customers with a fine collection of stylish furniture which is designed to be tasteful, comfortable, affordable as well as long-lasting. Our expert designers create furniture that are artistic, and these beautiful pieces serve a role way beyond its mere function; they complement and even highlight the architecture and design of your space, both indoors and outdoors.
In each of our designs, you can notice a hint of Asian influence translated and fused into the modern elements of our furniture designs. All of our designs are entirely produced using high-quality and ethically sourced sustainable materials.
DUO’s collection of contemporary indoor-outdoor furniture features a wide variety of sunbeds, chairs, sofas, daybeds, lounges and tables. All designs make a fabulous match for luxury resorts, beach clubs, pool bars, and the like. On the other hand, most of our designs are just as perfect to spruce up your home’s veranda, lawn, pool or living room! DUO’s designs are suitable for various settings and it’s a perfect choice for everyone who appreciates elegance, quality and comfort.


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