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Duo All Weather Furniture is a contemporary Dutch furniture design company with a strong Indonesia and Asian perspective and a more then 30 years experience in hotel, resort and villa projects. Our clients are among the best hotel & resort in the World. All our designs are handmade and handwoven by our team of enlightened artisans. Our particular approach in creating our designs pleasantly places our selection at the ideal intersection of architecture, art and fashion.
Ever since we opened our first showroom in one of Bali’s most stylish neighborhoods in 1999, we have been living up to our commitment to deliver first-rate products and service. DUO is simply where superb quality meets exquisite taste and outstanding customer service.
Our goal is to bring fashionable, durable and affordable designs into the comfort of your gorgeous home as well as the style of your business. Our sophisticated designs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and they are suitable for various settings from beach clubs, pool bars and luxury resorts, to the lovely backyard or patio of your home.
The way we see it, DUO is more than merely a business; our work is more of a lifestyle which core idea is to create terrific designs and bring each of them to its final spot, which is sometimes somewhere on the opposite side of the world from where these designs are created.
Fortunately, our simple silhouette of light-weight aluminum furniture is designed to be easily stacked for storage and transportation. Besides, it makes them easily moved between rooms and spaces too. Furthermore, our elegant furniture is tailored to require very little maintenance, allowing you to preserve your spruced up space efficiently.
As we have been growing over the years, today we have over 20 distributors and agents spread in various countries all over the world. Our international representatives have been serving our overseas clients, which mostly consist of restaurants as well as four-star and five-star resorts.

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